Analytical Essay Your Chance to Prove your Intellectual Independence

Actually, proving your intellectual independence is your major goal while writing analytical essay. What is more, analytical essay seems to be the most useful kind of writing for the students.

In your analytical essay you can analyze whatever you want. It can be poetry, images, some social issues and many other things.

As an example, let us analyze modern pop culture. Let us define its significance, benefits for the society. Or you can take a song of a certain singer and make an analysis of it.

So, let us return to the pop culture in general. What are the most significant points can be discussed about it?

What the pop culture is about? As for me, the modern pop culture does not make too much sense. What is usually propagandized in all the songs we can hear? Sex, free love, glamorous belongings and expensive cars, drugs and booze. This is what a younger generation sees every day on the screens and everywhere around. But what about some more serious problems or at least some sincere feelings?

What is the significance of the pop culture? In terms of its sense, the modern pop culture has a little significance. In terms of its impact on young people, its significance is much more vivid. Young people just do not know that somewhere a bit different life can be, without all those cheap splashes and materialistic values.

What are the benefits of the modern pop-culture? Actually, there is one good benefit of the pop culture, despite its all negative sides. When you just need to relax and forget about everything, some cute boys and girls will entertain you with their simple, inane songs.