Solving a Problem in the Analytical Essay

I hope you know the meaning of the word “analyzing” and you are aware of the process itself. Otherwise it will be a bit difficult for you to write the analytical essay.

However, it is not difficult for us to give you some explanations. If to be short, analyzing means splitting the problem into small parts and finding the solutions to those small items. Let us give you an example how the analytical essay can be written.

I will try to solve the problem of over wasting money while shopping, since this is my big problem and I want to cope with it.

Actually, this problem can be split into two smaller problems.
Over wasting money while shopping

– Buying unnecessary things
Buying things more expensive than it was expected
Now, let us consider the possible solutions to these two problems.

– Buying unnecessary things:
Make a list before going shopping of the exact things that you need at this moment.

When you are in the supermarket, you can go only to those departments where the things from the list can be found.

Do not be tempted and do not pay attention to the goods that are being advertised on TV.

– Buying things more expensive than it was expected:
When making a list of the necessary things to buy, write down the prices next to every item.

Count the total sum of money you will need, and take this exact sum with you. Thus, you just will not have extra money to spend.

So, if I follow my own tips, I will be able to cope with the problem. In your analytical essay you can do the same.