How to Write Articles with the Theme “Sample Essays about Myself”

One of the entry requirements into a college or a university is a “sample essay about myself”, is a piece that every student needs to write whenever he or she applies for college. Those who are applying for graduate programs in law school, medical school, or MBA programs are also required to write a “sample essay about myself.” Writing a sample essay about myself is your chance to introduce yourself to the college admission evaluators. It is also your last chance to “talk” your way into getting accepted to the school of your choice. Preparing a sample essay about myself that will gain the approval of the college admission evaluators is very critical especially to those with not-so impressive grade point averages. For average students, a beautifully written sample essay about myself may be their last chance to be considered for college admission.

Tips on Writing a Sample Essay about Myself

– Be honest.
All students have the tendency to go over the top when writing an application essay. The main objective in writing a sample essay about myself is not to impress the evaluators but to show them who you really are. Write a sample essay that tells who you are as a person. Avoid exaggerating situations or inventing accomplishments to make your life more dramatic or to make yourself more intelligent. The sample essay about myself is a reflection of your individuality and the last thing you want is to be someone else. Most college admission evaluators are trained in psychology so they have a knack for distinguishing authentic essays from exaggerated ones. Be honest.

– Include anecdotes.
People like reading stories and one way of getting the attention of the evaluators is to include anecdotes into your sample essay about myself. Anecdotes can be anything from your girl scout camping experience or your nerve-wracking physics exam, but you have to make sure that they are related to the topic you wish to develop in your sample essay about myself. Mentioning that you once volunteered for a medical mission at your local hospital will earn you good points for medical school but it won’t do you much if you are applying for law school.

– Explain facts.
Instead of answering “what” your goals or achievements are, try explaining “how” you accomplished them in the first place. Many college applicants write about their accomplishments in high school, but they simply enumerate them. One effective way of incorporating your achievements in your essay is to explain how you got them in the first place. Write a short anecdote on how you exercised every day just to get in the varsity team or how you studied nonstop just to win the regional biology quiz bee. Explaining why you were elected student body president will reflect your personality better than merely saying that you got more votes.

Writing a sample essay about myself is not that hard especially if you have guidelines like these to help you stay on track. College admission evaluators are not expecting someone with the talents of Tennyson or Shakespeare in writing the admission essay because it will be a waste of time to decipher imagery and symbolisms. Be yourself. Write a sample essay about myself that will reflect the person that you are right now. No exaggerated life-changing events and made-up academic awards. Just focus on yourself, the person who deserves to get accepted to school.