Going outside my parent’s dreams: From doctor to lawyer

I’m one of the many people who took up a course in college that was chosen by their parents. My mother wanted me to pursue a career in medicine because it has been her dream to be a physician. Since she wasn’t able to fulfill her dream, my mother is now passing them on to me. Being a doctor will earn me respect and admiration from lots of people, but I just think that I’m not suitable for the job. I just don’t see myself making hospital rounds at 5am while asking my intern to grab me a cappuccino. Dissecting a cadaver is definitely not included on my to-do list.

Because of my mother’s insistence, I still took a science-related course when I entered college. I gave it a shot to see if I would enjoy it. I made it through graduation just fine, but I cherished the friends that I made in the university more than the lessons that my professors taught me. I believe that there are other ways to help other people without performing laparascopic surgeries or bone marrow biopsies. One of them is social work.

I became involved with social work because of my wife. When we were still dating, she introduced me to some social workers and I instantly fell in love with the work. It is really fulfilling to have a job that allows you to directly help people who are in need. I help abandoned children find foster homes, help mothers cope with teen pregnancy, and help abused women stand up to their husbands. I think I have found my purpose in helping other people improve their way of living by teaching them how to cope with problems, get along with people, and deal with relationships. Social work, for me, is far from being work. I enjoyed every minute of it.

The only frustration I have with my job is that there are some areas wherein I cannot help other people because of my lack of legal expertise. I started reading books about law and I realized that the only way to extend my services to my fellowmen is to practice law. I know for a fact that being a lawyer is not easy. I have to read hard-to-decipher law books, sort out hard-to-find case ambiguities, and take hard-to-nail bar exams. But if that girl from Legally Blonde can do it, then so can I.

If ever accepted into law school, the specialization of my choice would be family law. With a background in social work, I know how important family is to a person. I know that by specializing in family law, I will be able to help more people deal with divorce and annulments. There’s so many things I can do if I become a family lawyer. I can help divorced people gain spousal support, assist foster parents process adoption papers, or help abused children achieve justice. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be a good lawyer. I know the hardships and challenges I have to face, but I’m prepared to fight them with patience and determination.