Thesis: “Video games benefit the people and society in several and different ways.” Same is the case with the all kinds of games. Games play a very significant role in society and benefit the people in many ways. Nowadays especially, the video games have become a major part of our society. They can benefit our society in a very tremendous way. They can have a great impact on our society as there are many uses of video games. Video games can creat an entire way of life for some people. They can greatly influenced the people of every status in the society (DeMaria, 2007).


Video games can have a wide range of effects on the society and a most of them can consider being good and positive. They can be a great source of benefits. They as a whole affect the society in many different ways. They can be for the people of every age and can benefit in several great ways.

Benefits of Professional Gaming:

The professional gaming is very good for business. When a game become popular and followed by large number of fans than games are used for earning profits. For example, Chess, Card game Magic and etc. By playing such games which are sponsored by several companies, one can earn up to 100,000 $ (Kane, 2008). This money can help the players to use their hobby as a means to finance their studies instead of spending money on it. People can make millions and can even support a comfortable living. Some people adopt it as an occupation and become professionals.

Significant role in Healing:

Video games can make a great progress in health care. They can help a lot in curing several health problems. They can be used to improve children’s health care. They are known for having a healing power. They medical communities recognized them as the healers. The recent research studies indicate that the video games play a very significant role in healing. It has been viewed that video games help in diverting a patient’s mind from pain. According to Mark Griffiths, of Nottingham Trent University: “Gaming can be a useful tool in healthcare, games can distract kids and adults undergoing painful treatments.” (Gee, 2007).