Rachel Victoria works as a digital artist because she’s fascinated by how images and designs can be manipulated using computers and the crisp results it creates. Her work is animal-based and abstract in nature because she enjoys shapes, shadows, colors and creating real designs with unrealistic color palettes, using her passion for animals as her inspiration.

Rachel talks about her work in Sheltered: “This piece is deceptively sad. At first, it portrays the faces we walk past, the beings we ignore on our quest for that perfect dog. But what happens when we connect? When we see that perfect dog? It’s like a light shines down on their kennel as they sit there, secretly begging for a family. This is the moment that proves a relationship is meant to be. Everyone who’s adopted from a shelter knows what this moment feels like. This piece is that moment- it’s meant to be, it’s fate, it’s perfection.”

Rachel resides in Mechanicsburg, PA, with her rescued pit bull mix, Gunnar, her two cats, Simba and Sylvester, and her boyfriend, Mike.

A unique feature of her gallery work is that frames are handmade.