“Look what’s left of our circus clown’s umbrella. . .The only thing it’s good for now is to count the stars,” –Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Seattle-based artist Marisa Vitiello is originally from Brooklyn where she often saw broken umbrellas abandoned during and after storms. She found these structures both beautiful in form and at the same time a bit sad. “A couple of years ago, inspired by the lines and shadows of the broken forms, I started photographing them. My current project carries my work with these umbrellas a step further.I am altering broken and abandoned umbrellas to create something from these structures.” In this series, she works with plaster gauze, wire, folded paper and encaustic medium, among other materials.

Marisa has worked as a filmmaker, arts administrator, fiber artists, art instructor, mixed-media artist, and more. Her artwork is the result of experiment with many different materials and media. She works collaboratively as well as individually, constantly integrating the distinct and disparate. She revels in the experience of making itself, and, as a teacher, shares the joy of art making with her students.