Artist Susan Silvester‘s varied and notable background includes being an art fabricator creating artwork for Robert Rauschenberg, Tom Wesselman, Marisol, and Lynda Benglis. She sculpted clay animation models for “Pee Wee’s Playhouse,” designed computer graphics for “Santa and the Snowmen” (computed animated TV movie), and supervised and created one of the sets for the retired “Back to the Future” ride for Universal Studio. Other clients included creating models for TV commericials for “The Pillsbury Dough Boy”, “Twizzlers”, “Teddy Grahams”, Acura, and creating prototype toys for Warner Brothers and Disney. More recently, she worked as a digital artist, originally as an animator on the PC game, “Rise of the Triad” and later as a designer of websites, such as The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the, and

Her skills acquired through time spent creating work for others is now internalized. She says, “My work now delves into the darker side of childhood memories and experience. The work may vary in materials but not in content.”

Her interests lie in the use of imagery, specifically young adolescents, creatures such as bunnies, and imaginary landscapes as a vehicle to express emotions and relationships. “For me, the narrative is in the realm of the psychological, rather than the literal.”

The work is influenced by art history, current events, fairy tales, fables, and her own personal history. By juxtaposing elements that seem unrelated, a dreamlike and timeless place is created. “My intentions is to provide just enough visual information to ponder the possibilities of what is transpiring and inspires the viewer to their own interpretation.”