Artist Joanna Kidd is a sculptor, printmaker and installation artist. After completing a BA in Philosophy and Cognitive Science from Dartmouth College, she  studied Printmaking and Sculpture at San Francisco State University. She subsequently moved to Florence Italy where she lived for eight years, completing a degree in Sculpture and a master of “Visual Arts and Multimedia Techniques” at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence. She has participated in exhibitions in Europe and the United States, most recently including a solo exhibition at the John Natsoulas Gallery in Davis California, the exhibition of her video installation “Preserves” at the Consiience of Art and Science at the Pence Gallery in Davis California, the exhibition of her video installation “Installation in Progress” at Startpoint at the Luigi Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art in Prato, Italy and the exhibition of her video “Letters” at 24 Sata Umetnosti in Belgrade, Serbia.

Joanna is interested in bridging the boundary between different media, as well as exploring the connection between verbal and visual communication. She says, “My work has been strongly influenced by the experience of learning to communicate in another culture and being without words. My recent work deals with themes of perception and interpersonal communication. The goal is to create visual representations of inner emotional states with work that provokes an immediate emotional response.”

Joanna will also add an additional piece for the silent auction to be held Nov. 14, 2014.