Sherrie Thai is a designer and illustrator of her creative company, Aside from commercial projects, she is active in community, cultural and charitable art projects. She believes that creativity is a gift which needs to be constantly nurtured and explored as art is an evolutionary process. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area has given Sherrie a diverse view of art, where culture and history intertwine. With a sketchbook and camera constantly by her side, every moment is spent thinking, researching or working on new pieces. A prolific artist, Sherrie Thai has created an extensive collection of over 37,000 images. Her work has been showcased in design books, sites and global art shows. She enjoys combining illustration and photography with digital media.

Sheltered runs five weeks, Oct 10-Nov 14, 2014 at Davis Arts Center, Davis, CA.  The opening night reception is Oct 10, 6-8, with live music, wine, vegan appetizers.  Come on out and view Small Hearts in the Face of Pop and other art!