Swan Mosaic is named after its founder: Xuan My Ho. Her first name, “Xuan,” is pronounced “Swan” in English.

Before immigrating to the United States in 1979, Xuan studied medicine in her home country of Vietnam. Once in America, she changed her career path to computer science, and is currently working in the field of information technology.

But she always dreamed of finding a hobby she loved so deeply it would become a lifelong pursuit. During a visit to Barcelona in 1998, Xuan was inspired by Antoni Gaudi’s use of mosaics in his architectural structures. This ignited in her a passion for mosaics, an art that Xuan has since been practicing.

Her artistic inspiration is derived from her own imagination, the external world, and her experiences as a Vietnamese refugee who has created a life in America. She employs soft colors and curved shapes to capture the beauty of the natural earth, sky, mountains, water, and the world around her. In addition, she loves the artistic challenge and wide range of possibilities presented by using a variety of shapes and materials, as if they were her paint, and the mosaic her canvas.

Encouraged by her family and friends, Xuan decided to showcase her work through galleries, art fairs, and her website. Xuan’s work has been featured in several books and magazines, and one of her pieces, the “Four Seasons” table set (seen in the “Wrought Iron Tables” section), was acquired by Neil Young – a famous rock musician. The mosaics she creates carry the hand-made swan logo that represents her signature.