Artist Qi You was born in Beijing, China. She earned a B.A. in design from China Central Academy of Fine Arts and an M.F.A. from School of Art and Design, New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University.

Artist Statement on Happy New Year Project:

In China, right before the spring festival, every family will stick New Year posters on their door for praising happiness for their family. I can not remember when we started to buy these kind of red poster, but not make them by ourselves. The symbolic patterns decoration on the poster represent peoples’ best wishes for happiness in a traditional culture way. Sticking red posters before Chinese New Year eve on the door as very basic custom comes down from generation to generation.

I can not remember when my eyes just could no longer escape from commercial advertisements full of logos in Beijing in recent years. I started this project when I was in undergraduate. I used this logo element as a kind of decoration for Chinese New Year poster and also stuck them on doors I know, like family and friends.

I had finished 2011 rabbit year and 2012 dragon year in China. In 2013 snake year and 2014 horse year, I did not have the opportunity to go back to China to spend Chinese New Year at home, no families reunion, no lucky money, no great food, but I just used this way to celebrate spring festival, creating them in illustrator, printing them out, giving friends as gift, and sticking them on the doors which I know.

I think no matter wherever I go, I will keep this action in every spring festival. Moreover, these cross-country corporate logos changed by the places I move to were formed as a dynamic recognizable common vision. But I think the traditional patterns composing rules like repeating, symmetry, will always stay and hard to change.

It might be a minor documentary of logo history through this ongoing project. But also they will be collected by folks.

2014 March 10 in New York