Artist Patricia Uchill Simons created these four puppy pugs for Sheltered.

She says about her work, “I have always loved throwing on the wheel. For the first ten years or so, I threw strictly functional pottery, but slowly the traditional pieces began to evolve into a sort of “funk”tional pottery, such as a camel toothbrush holder, a walrus menorah, and giraffe candlesticks. I found myself drawn to animals with exaggerated features, such as the wondrous rhinoceros, because of the way that I manipulate the clay. Collapsing the cylinders of soft clay creates the folds that lend a unique character to each piece and stamp it with my signature. For coloring, a wash of manganese and iron or underglazes are added to these creatures, which are then fired to cone ten. The eyes are glazed to give them depth.”

Patricia holds a B.S. in Design from University of Michigan, M.F.A. in Ceramics from University of Chicago, and M.A.E. in Ceramics from Rhode Island School of Design.  She donates a percentage of sales in her gallery to animal welfare organizations, such as The Humane Society, World Wildlife Fund, and Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

We are honored that she created these four pug puppies for Sheltered.