Artist Jill Flynn has always shared her life with animals and can’t imagine a home without them. She says, “My heart is in animal rescue photography. I work closely with several animal welfare organizations in Arizona and donate my services by photographing shelter and rescue animals. Many of these animals can be seen in the Faces of Rescue portfolio and on my Blog. I also Chair the Community Outreach Committee for HeARTs Speak, an international, non-profit organization of artists helping animals.

In addition to animal rescue work, she teaches photography for the Perfect Picture School of Photography, provides photography instruction/mentoring, and does a limited number of assignment and private client sessions each year.

“Simplicity thrills my eye, I savor quiet moments and am always on the lookout for some great shadows!”

Jill is the curator of Sheltered’s Adoption Walls. Her work is in theHeARTs Speak Exhibit and in Sheltered.