Artist Traci Fowler weaves personal narrative with social treatises to connect impulse and awareness. She focuses on issues of class structure, gender regulations, and the ways in which these discourses both challenge and strengthen one another. She’s interested in how tropes of social consciousness can be potentially exclusive and works to eradicate these exclusions. Her work is inclusionary, yet smart. She is clever in her small-scale installations, and sets up visual Venn diagrams in which multiple disparate parts (be they family heirlooms, unpaid bills or domestic artifice) maintain individuality, yet simultaneously meet in the middle.

She lives and works in Chicago, IL. She currently attends Columbia College Chicago and will receive her BFA in December 2014. Her work has previously been exhibited at A+D Gallery, Chicago Community Bank, US Africa Network: One Struggle Many Fronts Tour and DfbrL8tr. Her most recent project involved a collaboration with her mother which was featured in a group show happening simultaneously in Chicago, Il and Austin, Tx at )( gallery. She was a 2013 and 2014 resident at 8550 Ohio. In November Traci will have her first solo exhibition, the love that let us share our name, at C33 Gallery.

Along with her partner, Trevor Schmutz, Traci operates a gallery in the kitchen of their apartment. Kitchen Space opened in April of 2014 and operates as a project space for artists to either adapt their work for the setting or create work in reaction to the site.

Traci created new work for Sheltered.